Our Technology

Reaching Millimeter Wave Frequencies

Movandi is solving the technical challenges of 5G millimeter wave networks. Focusing on new system elements required to close the communication link, Movandi is bringing an innovative approach to the RF front-end design starting with the antennas, radios, and algorithms required to ensure robust communications. Using a system level design approach, Movandi can deliver unmatched performance, cost and size advantages across challenging high frequency millimeter waves to unlock the potential of 5G and other multi-gigabit millimeter communication applications.

The leading technology provider with comprehensive portfolio of silicon, software and systems

RF Front-End

  • Complete RF front end from
    antenna to baseband interface
  • Multi beam/polarization
    for capacity expansion
  • Internally developed bulk CMOS RFIC’s – cost effectively scales to meet market demand


  • Simultaneous multi beam/pol support
  • Fast beam switching
  • Price / performance
  • Complete family supporting all 5G mmWave bands

Algorithms and Systems

  • Complete Systems
  • Self-interference cancellation
  • Open source interface to be connected to ORAN or any networking system
  • Coverage Enhancement
Technical Challenges

Operating in the millimeter wave band presents unique technical challenges versus traditional connectivity and cellular systems:


Traditional approaches to RF design breakdown, requiring new and innovative architectures to achieve high performance in low cost bulk CMOS foundries.

Higher frequencies have greater transmission losses caused by distance, blockage, and non-line-of-sight conditions, depending on the environment and the application.

To achieve longer range, beamforming antennas are often required, adding to system complexity.

Solving these challenges will unlock the huge potential offered by much greater bandwidth, spatial reuse, and frequency reuse, which support much higher performance systems in the same regions.

  • Modular and scalable system architecture
  • Integrated cost effective and high efficiency design
  • Low cost manufacturing
  • Extended range and reliability
  • Radical improvements versus traditional millimeter RF and antenna solutions
  • Performance: Multi-gigabit, low latency wireless
  • Range: Extended range over existing designs
  • Cost: Modular approach enables optimization to application
  • Size: Reduced footprint to support link
  • Power consumption: Optimized power consumption
Key Differentiators

– Having pioneered wireless systems, Movandi is solving real-world 5G mmWave deployments with unmatched differentiation and high performance core technology in 5G integrated circuits, antennas, systems, and algorithms design disciplines, to enable 5G to its full potential.

– Movandi’s strong and diverse system portfolio of IP and patents plays a critical role across the complete 5G ecosystem, from infrastructure to mobile, while allowing for maximum 5G coverage.

– Movandi’s flexible solutions solve 5G mmWave deployment cost and schedule challenges, and provide future-proof solutions utilizing mesh and routing to further improve 5G coverage and capacity.