Applications We Enable

Next Generation Cellular 5G Millimeter Wave and Multi-Gigabit Networking

The demand for more devices, network performance, and global spectrum congestion is completely disrupting previous expectations of wireless networks. Movandi is revolutionizing the future of communications, by accelerating the next generation of 5G and multi-gigabit connectivity applications.

Movandi’s RF front-end technology is uniquely positioned to address emerging use cases: Achieving wireline performance on wireless networks; Extending high data rate content delivery across mobile platforms; Virtual and augmented reality services; Massive Internet of Things (IoT); and Mission critical vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and industrial applications. Movandi’s disruptive technology enables operators and device makers to unlock the massive benefit associated with the higher data rates and lower latencies these frequencies can offer.

Fixed Wireless Broadband

Higher performance wireless networks blurs the lines between wired and wireless access to the home and business.

Enhanced Mobile Broadband

The new era of immersive, always connected experiences with fiber-like 5G speeds can be achieved through 10X spectrum availability at millimeter wave frequencies.

Mission Critical Control

New command-and-control services where failure is not an option — enabled with 5G technology for ultra reliable, low latency communication links.

Massive Internet of Things

Intelligently connect virtually anything, anywhere with cost, power, and performance optimized 5G technology.

Millimeter Wave

What is Millimeter Wave?

Millimeter wave or EHF (extremely high frequency) spectrum is the band of spectrum between 30 GHz and 300 GHz. Wedged between microwave and infrared waves, this spectrum has traditionally been used in military and isolated commercial applications. The recent move by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other international standards bodies to make available nearly 10X more bandwidth than currently available for wireless networks, combined with highly motivated global operators, has paved the way to bring 5G into the future by delivering faster, higher quality video and multimedia content and services.

High Frequencies

‘Extremely High Frequency’ Means Extremely Fast 5G Speeds

In Cisco’s June 2017 Visual Networking Index, mobile data traffic will increase 700% over the next 5 years. This requires higher frequency spectrum to accommodate the increases in data usage, and one of the greatest and most important uses of millimeter waves is in transmitting large amounts of data at extremely low latencies.

Today, millimeter wave frequencies are being utilized for applications such as cellular backhaul and military applications. Consumer solutions were not capable of addressing higher frequency applications due to high propagation loss, susceptibility to blockage, and need for line-of-sight connections. These challenges made millimeter wave difficult for mobile broadband.

The major advantage with operation at millimeter wave frequencies is that it represents a significant increase in channel bandwidth for both licensed and unlicensed communications systems. Operators recognize these advantages and have focused their efforts around deployment of 5G networks in these bands.