Applications We Enable

Next Generation Cellular 5G Millimeter Wave and Multi-Gigabit Networking

The demand for more devices, network performance, and global spectrum congestion is completely disrupting previous expectations of wireless networks. Movandi is revolutionizing the future of communications, by accelerating the next generation of 5G and multi-gigabit connectivity applications.

Movandi’s RF front-end technology is uniquely positioned to address emerging use cases: Achieving wireline performance on wireless networks; Extending high data rate content delivery across mobile platforms; Virtual and augmented reality services; Massive Internet of Things (IoT); and Mission critical vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and industrial applications. Movandi’s disruptive technology enables operators and device makers to unlock the massive benefit associated with the higher data rates and lower latencies these frequencies can offer.

Fixed Wireless Broadband

Higher performance wireless networks blurs the lines between wired and wireless access to the home and business.

Enhanced Mobile Broadband

The new era of immersive, always connected experiences with fiber-like 5G speeds can be achieved through 10X spectrum availability at millimeter wave frequencies.

Mission Critical Control

New command-and-control services where failure is not an option — enabled with 5G technology for ultra reliable, low latency communication links.

Private 5G Networks

High performance networks to support industrial, manufacturing, applications to meet ultra high performance throughput and latency requirements.

Active Routers

5G requires breaking through coverage and network challenges for new 5G millimeter wave networks. Movandi’s solution is capable of supporting a wide range of use case and deployment models, and to support our customers to deliver on the promise of 5G.

Radio Frequency Front-end

Movandi is enabling a wide range of 5G mmWave devices from mobile devices, to infrastructure, to fixed wireless access. By developing our RFIC’s we have been able to create high performance differentiated solutions that achieve much better performance that is typically been able to be achieved.

Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN)

Movandi is enabling 5G infrastructure, offering operators with the flexibility to use a 5G radio access network architecture that best fits their needs, such as a virtualized 5G architecture that is designed to deliver scalability through the cloud or a more distributed architecture to ease fronthaul requirements.

An Intelligent Network For Future
Innovation and

With peak data rates up to 100 times faster than what current 4G networks provide, 5G has been held out as “the connective tissue” for the Internet of Things, autonomous cars, smart cities and other new mobile applications, establishing the backbone for the industrial internet.

With 5G, the reduction in latency will drive everything from AR/VR [augmented and virtual reality], smart buildings, smart cities and autonomous vehicles.