As engineers, we highly value research and innovation. Please find resources on Movandi’s smart repeater technologies and solutions to expand the adoption of 5G mmWave deployment for indoor and outdoor scenarios.


5G mmWave Deployment Best Practices Whitepaper
This GSMA whitepaper outlines the key technical mitigation strategies, including the use of Movandi smart repeaters, to improve 10x the performance of 5G mmWave mobile networks in both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Making Private 5G Cost Effective
What happens when enterprise needs more capacity? In the case of enterprises with heavy video analytics, a single location can drive demand in the range of a few Gbps, not Mbps. Scaling up in CBRS would be painful, with the deployment of large numbers of small cells…so let’s look at the alternatives.

Streetlight Mounted mmWave Radios Transform Coverage Economics
This white paper expands on our previous analysis of millimeter wave networks, to examine the practical details related to deployment.

Making mmWave Work in the Car
Mobile Experts had the opportunity to participate in a field trial recently, testing the Verizon Ultra Wideband mm-wave network using a variety of smartphones in a moving vehicle.

5G mmWave Repeaters Cut Costs in Half
This white paper analyzes the cost of deployment for a 1.4 square mile area in Dallas, comparing TCO without repeaters and with repeaters.


CHIPS Act Will Propel a Wave of Technology Innovation Across America
If the past few years of chip shortages and supply chain constraints have shown us anything, it’s the irrefutable fact that semiconductors are the…

Study Reveals Huge Cost Savings for mmWave 5G Deployments Using Streetlights
There’s good reason why top US mobile operators recently invested nearly $4.5 billion to acquire millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G licenses in the…

Movandi Opens MWC22 Barcelona with New Partnerships to Expand 5G mmWave Adoption
On February 28-March 3, Mobile World Congress Barcelona took place in person. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most important events of the…

Movandi Opens CES 2022 as 5G Smart repeaters Take Center Stage to Help Accelerate Challenging 5G mmWave Deployments
While 2021 was an extremely exciting and productive year for Movandi – it was the year of 5G after all – we believe 2022 will be even better in…

Join Us in Barcelona #MWC22 as We Demonstrate What’s Next in 5G mmWave and Private Networks
MWC Barcelona, the world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry, returns on Monday, February 28 – Thursday, March 3…



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