RF systems that power the 5G ecosystem

Movandi powered mmWave technology is the nervous system of 5G networks. Movandi is the leading provider of 5G mmWave technology and offers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of silicon, software, systems and solutions.

Movandi “Powered” Technology

RF Chips

  • Complete RF front end from
    antenna to processor interface
  • Multi beam/polarization
    for capacity expansion
  • Internally developed bulk CMOS RFIC’s
    cost effectively scales to meet market demand

Algorithms and Systems

  • Complete Systems
  • Self-interference cancellation
  • Open source interface to be connected to ORAN or any networking system
  • Coverage Enhancement

Integrated Antenna Modules

  • Simultaneous multi beam/pol support
  • Fast beam switching
  • Modular architecture optimized for applications
  • Complete family supporting all 5G mmWave bands

Reference Platforms

Complete platforms for:

  • User equipment: fixed-wireless CPE, mobile hotspots, mobile handsets, and complete solutions for technology and baseband partners
  • Smart repeaters powered by Movandi BeamXR technology, indoor/outdoor solutions, seamless integration with gNB and operator networks
  • Infrastructure solutions: Open-RAN RUs, integrated small cells, licensed reference designs

Problems We Solve


Our Core Technology

  • Making 5G mmWave technology work in the real world is very challenging.
  • Movandi has the engineering team, RF and systems expertise, and the IP to solve tough physics problems.
  • Movandi mmWave solutions deliver 10x the coverage at 1/10 the cost of competing alternatives.
  • Movandi delivers solutions that meet or exceed user expectations for reliability.
    • Multi-device connectivity
    • Best-in-class connection stability
    • Fast response time
    • Low latency with minimal buffering
  • Modular and scalable system architecture
  • Integrated cost effective and high efficiency design
  • Low cost manufacturing
  • Extended range and reliability
  • Radical improvements versus traditional millimeter RF and antenna solutions
  • Performance: Multi-gigabit, low latency wireless
  • Range: Extended range over existing designs
  • Cost: Modular approach enables optimization to application
  • Size: Reduced footprint to support link
  • Power consumption: Optimized power consumption
Movandi Differentiation

Movandi uses a wholistic system level approach, optimizing the performance across the various subsystems of processing, radios, and antennas.


High value core technology

  • Customized RF integrated circuits, algorithms, and front-end
  • Modularity and scalability – supporting wide range of platforms
  • Higher performance system solutions – eliminates reliance on standard components
  • Higher levels of integration in CMOS – achieving lower size, power, and higher performance

System level solution

  • Patented BeamXR Smart Repeater solves mmWave and accelerates deployment
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX over traditional network deployment
  • Expandable to support sub-6 GHz 5G

Broad applications

  • High power macro base stations and small cells
  • BeamXR coverage enhancement
  • Mobile handset, portable devices, and automotive

Broad IP coverage

  • Key issued patents from device to system level