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MV2813 Up-Down Converter IC

The Movandi MV2813 is a fully-integrated dual-beam quadrature modulator/demodulator IC for 28 GHz phased array applications. The MV2813 has both receive and transmit segments and supports two simultaneous, independent beams in the 3GPP n257 band (26.5-29.5 GHz) for 5G cellular systems.

The Movandi MV2813 IC is best used for 5G mm-wave communication system phased antenna arrays. Together with the MV2850 (transmit/receive beamformer IC), and MV3504 (5G synthesizer IC), a complete mm-wave phased array RF front-end chipset is provided for various applications.

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  • 5-29.5 GHz RF range operation
  • n257 band
  • Dual IQ streams for dual beam operation
  • LO leakage and image calibration
  • High-speed serial digital interface


  • Infrastructure e.g., ORAN, small cell, RRH
  • Smart repeaters
  • Fixed wireless access
  • Wireless fiber backhaul
  • Private networks
  • Vehicles
  • CPE and devices


  • Proven in global operator trials and tests
  • Optimal performance with custom algorithms
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact size
  • Scalability (modular architecture)
  • Broad application support
  • Can be part of integrated PAAM solution