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MV3554 Synthesizer IC

The Movandi MV3554 is a fully integrated 4-output PLL-based synthesizer IC that supports 24, 26, 28 GHz or 39 GHz 5G radios.

This IC pairs best with Movandi’s MV2853 and MV3953 Quadrature Modulator/Demodulators.

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  • Fractional-N or integer-N synthesizer
  • 256 QAM 5G NR support
  • Dual-band 24-29.5 GHz or 37-40 GHz operation
  • <1-degree rms integrated phase noise (from 30 kHz to 100 MHz) when referred to RF frequency
  • 120 mW DC power consumption
  • Clock reference can be chosen between internal crystal oscillator (crystal mode) or external clock (externally driven mode)
  • High-speed serial digital interface


  • Infrastructure e.g., ORAN, small cell, RRH
  • Smart repeaters
  • Fixed wireless access
  • Wireless fiber backhaul
  • Private networks
  • Vehicles
  • CPE and devices


  • High performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Scalability (modular architecture)
  • Compact size
  • Custom algorithms for optimal performance