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Movandi Joins O-RAN Alliance to Advance Open 5G Architecture and Innovation

By October 8, 2019August 16th, 2021No Comments
Movandi Strengthens its Commitment to 5G Industry Collaboration to Accelerate Deployment

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., October 8, 2019 Mobile World Congress LA Movandi, a privately held company with a mission to revolutionize 5G Everywhere, today announced that it has entered the O-RAN Alliance, joining global carriers and networking technology suppliers in their commitment to design and implement a more open network infrastructure to accelerate new 5G technologies.

Networks have become increasingly complex with the advent of 5G, densification and richer and more demanding applications. To tame this complexity, we cannot use traditional human intensive means of deploying, optimizing and operating a network. Instead, networks must be self-driving, they should be able to leverage new learning based technologies to automate operational network functions and reduce OPEX.

“The O-RAN Alliance was created to accelerate the delivery of products that support a common, open architecture and standardized interfaces that we, as Movandi, view as the foundation of our next-generation BeamX wireless infrastructure systems, said Reza Rofougaran, CTO, Co-CEO and Founder, Movandi. “We’re excited to partner with carriers and suppliers to help design the standards that will optimize today’s networks and build a more open network infrastructure to accelerate new 5G technologies.”

Founded in 2018, the O-RAN Alliance is an industry-wide, carrier-led effort to integrate greater intelligence into the radio access networks of next-generation wireless systems. The alliance encourages companies to transition to cloud-based, virtual systems powered by multi-vendor networks and open interfaces.

Movandi’s Beam XR solution delivers a leap forward to the best-of-breed today and can solve the stringent 5G deployment challenges the industry and operators are facing. Our solutions can accelerate large-scale 5G commercialization by reducing infrastructure costs, simplifying deployment and increase network capacity, without impacting latency. We are revolutionizing 5G the same way we pioneered Bluetooth with Wi-Fi, and 4G decades earlier – making the once thought impossible now possible and are proud to share our technology inventions to advance open architecture.

About Movandi

Movandi, a privately held company with a mission to revolutionize 5G Everywhere, was formed by some of today’s top leaders in wireless communications. Movandi is disrupting 5G by using a radically different approach that is yielding tremendous benefits over existing networks. 5G enables a transformation in wireless connectivity that offers orders of magnitude improvements in performance, coverage and latency. Movandi thinks differently and has built leading technology with a comprehensive portfolio of silicon, software and systems, producing millimeter wave systems that can be deployed more efficiently and achieve better performance over a wider range of deployment scenarios. Movandi is enabling a 5G connectivity fabric for innovation, which will bring the benefits of the internet to almost every industry, creating a vast opportunity for economic growth.

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