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Movandi Named to CNBC’s 2019 Upstart 100

By November 12, 2019August 16th, 2021No Comments
Breaking through coverage and network challenges of new 5G millimeter wave networks

IRVINE, Calif., November 12, 2019 Movandi, a privately held company with a mission to revolutionize 5G Everywhere, has been named to CNBC’s 2019 Upstart 100, which recognizes up-and-coming promising startups spanning various sectors and countries based on metrics including scalability, sales growth, workforce diversity, and intellectual property.

The Upstart 100 is CNBC’s exclusive list of promising young start-ups, featuring a diverse group of global companies that are building brands and breaking industry barriers on the path to becoming tomorrow’s household names.

“CNBC Upstart 100 is a profound worldwide validation of Movandi’s technology and momentum in the market,” said Maryam Rofougaran, CEO and Founder, Movandi. “But this is just the beginning. We’re bringing reliability to high frequency millimeter wave 5G networks, solving the challenges in base stations, network coverage, and mobile device performance.”

5G is beginning to deploy, rapidly, but in order to truly achieve the ambitious goals of low latency, high bandwidth, greater availability, faster speeds, and consistent coverage — there are unique challenges that must be overcome. Movandi is bringing a revolutionary innovation to 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) networks, across the complete 5G ecosystem from consumer and enterprise market segments and applications from IoT, Mobile, artificial Intelligence (AI) and automotive. Not only enabling 5G infrastructure, but the complete 5G mmWave ecosystem to ensure that it can be broadly deployed with the capacity, throughput, latency and reliability in multiple deployment scenarios.

The companies on the CNBC list have quickly become entrepreneurial success stories worth keeping an eye on — growing fast and quickly, catching the public’s attention while showcasing new trends in wireless technology, health care, finance, retail, entertainment and much more. For additional information and to view CNBC’s full Upstart 100 list, visit:

About Movandi

Movandi, a privately held company with a mission to revolutionize 5G Everywhere, was formed by some of today’s top leaders in wireless communications. Movandi is disrupting 5G by using a radically different approach that is yielding tremendous benefits over existing networks. 5G enables a transformation in wireless connectivity that offers orders of magnitude improvements in performance, coverage and latency. Movandi thinks differently and has built leading technology with a comprehensive portfolio of silicon, software and systems, producing millimeter wave systems that can be deployed more efficiently and achieve better performance over a wider range of deployment scenarios. Movandi is enabling a 5G connectivity fabric for innovation, which will bring the benefits of the internet to almost every industry, creating a vast opportunity for economic growth.