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MVBX265-32 Phased Array Antenna Module (PAAM)

The Movandi® BeamX MVBX265-32 Phased Array Antenna Module (PAAM), provides a fully integrated, compact, low power solution for 5G millimeter wave systems operating in the n258 24.25-27.5GHz  3GPP frequency band. This PAAM simplifies radio development and management by providing a baseline design enabling a fast launch for new 5G products.

This PAAM is based on the Movandi family of integrated circuits (ICs) enabling a fully integrated, active, steerable antenna system suited for 5G applications such as small-cells, RU, FWA, repeaters and CPE. The PAAM contains an IF interface, I/Q sense output and flexible digital control interface.

This complete chipset and its superb performance, scalability and flexible programmability enable the 5G equipment developers to introduce their arrays faster into the market with a lower TCO.

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  • Fully-integrated RF front-end: from baseband to mmW RF
  • n258 3GPP bands (24.25-27.5GHz)
  • Up/down conversion – IF to 26 GHz
  • PLL and LOGEN with programmable frequency reference
  • IQ sense path for repeater TDD sync
  • Flexible control with on-board FPGA
  • Two simultaneous dual polarization beams/streams with full antenna gain in both transmit and receive modes
  • Beam steering scan in both vertical and horizontal planes
  • Fast beamforming
  • High efficiency front-end
  • Fully configurable pre-stored beam-book


  • Infrastructure e.g., ORAN, small cell, RRH
  • Smart repeaters
  • Fixed wireless access
  • Wireless fiber backhaul
  • Private networks
  • Vehicles
  • CPE and devices

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