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Building Metaverse-Ready Networks with 5G mmWave Technology

By March 29, 2023No Comments

Are today’s networks ready for the metaverse? What network capabilities are needed to support the growing demands of immersive technology? Let’s explore what’s needed to ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s networks can deliver the full potential of the metaverse.

With fast-changing network functions and a wide array of users, including those beginning their voyage into the metaverse, operators must provide high-performance networks that will be future-proofed and ready to meet end user needs and expectations. The rise of the metaverse will bring a new era of immersive technology, but are 5G networks ready to support it? With the demands for high-speed connectivity and low latency, network operators must future-proof their systems to meet the expectations of users.

Movandi’s smart repeater technology is making secure and cost-effective 5G mmWave deployments possible to enable the merging of our physical, digital and virtual worlds and open up new opportunities for metaverse applications. The metaverse will drive the need for high throughput and symmetrical data, requiring networks to evolve to support the necessary applications and connectivity solutions. Smart repeaters meet these needs by providing the most efficient system to deliver the 5G mmWave performance, quality and scale required to enable universal metaverse mobility. 5G mmWave technology is also the most cost-effective high-speed communication solution for humans and machines in any reality.

5G standards have a strong evolution path for metaverse experiences, introducing further intelligence into wireless networks through machine-learning-based techniques. But it’s not just about network requirements. Device technology and evolution will also be essential in enabling the metaverse. The next phase of the metaverse will be possible through network innovation and integration. Working together, we can create a world of immersive possibilities where ubiquitous, high-speed mmWave connectivity can enhance lives, redefine businesses and transform industries.

Join us in exploring how cost-effective and secure 5G mmWave deployments are enabling the metaverse. Learn how to bridge the gaps in network performance to ensure high-speed symmetrical links between devices and the network, and how new and emerging 5G standards provide a strong evolution path for metaverse experiences. With the right network capabilities and the right 5G mmWave solutions in place, the metaverse is within our reach. Watch this video to learn more about building metaverse-ready networks with 5G mmWave technology.