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Movandi Wins Merit Award for 5G Advancements

By March 31, 2023No Comments

Movandi was recently recognized as the winner in 5G Advancements at the Merit Awards for Telecom.

Designed to recognize the efforts of global industries and the markets they serve, the Merit Awards acknowledge companies that have contributed to the continued growth of the market. The Merit Awards for Telecom were judged based on submissions that represent the best in current and next-generation telecom, wireless and mobile solutions

Movandi’s mission is to revolutionize 5G everywhere with high-performance mmWave technology. Movandi is the only company with the core RF technology to build smart repeaters that dramatically reduce the complexity of 5G mmWave deployments, enabling service providers to launch indoor, outdoor, and mobile 5G mmWave services at 50 percent lower costs.

Movandi’s unique approach to mmWave technology enables mobile operators and device makers to unlock the potential of 5G and other multi-gigabit millimeter communication applications, including the metaverse, smart home connectivity, autonomous vehicles and future mobile cloud-based services that require ultra-low latency between mobile devices and cell towers. By tapping world-class experts in radio, antenna, and beamforming design, Movandi has achieved an unprecedented level of innovation in 5G mmWave connectivity.

Congratulations, Movandi team!