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Movandi Unleashes 5G mmWave Innovation at MWC Los Angeles

By October 25, 2021November 12th, 2021No Comments

For Movandi, MWC Los Angeles 2021 is a breakthrough event, as the company is announcing more new products, features, and capabilities to extend its leadership in reducing the costs of 5G mmWave deployment than ever before. This week, Movandi is unveiling 5G mmWave breakthroughs, from 60 Ghz chipsets, sub-6 GHz modules, expanded spectrum support, new mesh indoor and outdoor software with cloud intelligence that cut deployment costs by half.

MWC Los Angeles 2021, a prestigious annual event in the global mobile communications industry, opened on October 26, to help unleash the full potential and speeds of 5G.

Movandi announced new 5G chipsets, software, and additional spectrum support that allow service providers and industry partners to launch indoor, outdoor, and mobile-enhanced 5G millimeter-wave services at over 50% lower cost. All are either available now or sampling with customers, except the Sub-6 GHz modules, which will be available in 2H 2022. Read: Repeaters Cut mmWave Costs in Half White Paper

These announcements include:

MV6055 60-GHz mmWave chipset for wireless back haul, 5G NR-Unlicensed, and fixed wireless access: The MV6055 covers the entire unlicensed band between 57 and 71 GHz and integrates a dual-polarized, 16-channel beam former with up-and-down converters in a single package. When paired with Movandi’s MV3504 synthesizer and antennas, they form a complete, scalable, radio solution that allows multiple beam formers to be combined to achieve higher Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) to cover line-of-sight distances up to 2 km. The new 60-GHz mmWave solution lets operators deliver fiber-like speeds at a fraction of the cost of deploying new fiber.

5G mmWave O-RAN phased array antenna module (PAAM) for infrastructure: Via a partnership TSMC, Movandi has developed a high-performance PAMM that delivers breakthrough performance with the scale and cost-efficiency of bulk CMOS. The active phased-array solution delivers an ideal combination of RF output power, cost, antenna count, and energy efficiency.

Expanded mmWave frequency support for BeamXR-powered smart repeaters: The new Movandi chipsets include the MV395x for 39 GHz, MV285x for 28 GHz, and MV265x for 24/26 GHz. Each one includes a beamformer, up and down converters, synthesizer, and antenna with dual-beam/dual-polarization and fast beam switching with on-chip beam books. With support for the full mmWave licensed spectrum, Movandi now addresses all the needs of global and U.S. operators.

5G mmWave goes green with solar-powered BeamXR smart repeaters :Movandi BeamXR repeaters consume less than 20 W of DC power, so they can be powered by solar panels to simplify and lower the cost of 5G deployment and permitting because they can be installed where there is limited or no available electrical power.

Enhanced mmWave indoor coverage with sub-6 GHz repeater modules: Movandi’s new sub-6 GHz repeater modules include 16 receive antennas and improve indoor coverage and reduce costs. Movandi plans to demonstrate sub-6 GHz repeater performance in Q1 2022 and make them available for delivery in 2H 2022.

BeamX smart repeater mesh software for indoor and outdoor applications: Movandi is collaborating with Airfide Networks to develop a cloud-enabled fault-tolerant repeater mesh solution for indoor and outdoor applications based on a cluster of 5G small cells (gNBs). It represents the most cost-effective method of expanding mmWave signal coverage while preserving signal quality. It employs cloud-based AI software to dynamically determine the best propagation routes. Up to four repeaters can be cascaded without any degradation of the noise floor.

A landmark demonstration of 5G mmWave mobility using BeamXR repeaters: Movandi demonstrated how mmWave 5G can deliver exceptional performance in a moving vehicle by using a BeamXR smart repeater combined with Movandi BeamX cloud software control and machine learning. It marks the first documented test of 5G mmWave in a moving vehicle and demonstrates the ability of these high frequencies and cloud intelligence to deliver high quality of service and multi-gigabit per second downlink speeds in difficult mobile environments. Watch: Landmark 5G mmWave Automobile Demonstration

Taher Behbehani joins Movandi as chief revenue and marketing officer: Behbehani brings an outstanding track record of scaling high-growth revenue, as well as bolstering enterprise strategy, technology and marketing. Behbehani will be responsible for accelerating growth in the 5G mmWave infrastructure market, as well as capitalizing on the strength of the Movandi portfolio, including its 5G RF-to-antenna technology, smart repeaters and mesh indoor and outdoor software with cloud intelligence that cut mmWave deployment costs by half.

At MWC Los Angeles 2021we have several high-profile activities that may interest you:

Tuesday, October 26
– Redefining Mobile Connectivity panel featuring Movandi CEO Maryam Rofougaran from 1:30 – 2:30 pm in Concourse Meeting Room 403 A.

Tuesday, October 26
– Powering the Next Generation of 5G panel featuring Movandi CRO and CMO Taher Behbehani from 3:00 – 4:00 pm in Concourse Meeting Room 403 A.

Tuesday, October 26 – “The Future of mmWave” Roundtable discussion and dinner at the famous 71 Above restaurant overlooking Los Angeles. Invitation required. Please message here to RSVP.

Tuesday, October 26-28 – To showcase the progress we’ve made this year, our executives and technical experts are available to meet with you. Please click here to schedule a meeting or drop by our meeting room located at Hall South Stand 1151MR.

Commercial Movandi-powered smart repeaters are being deployed today by global 5G operators. For technical details, please visit the Movandi products section.